The single most powerful operating system to help real estate professionals get what they want out of life.

“Whale Club, and the critical conversations I have been able to have with other members regarding my business, have been a huge shift for me in helping to make better decisions in our real estate business - particularly those involving risk and the time horizon for success in our business.”

Nick Cooley headshot
Nick Cooley
Co-Founder at Jericho Capital

“Being a part of Whale Club has introduced me to people and ideas I may otherwise not have come across! Maybe most importantly, hearing how others integrate the concepts into their business has radically changed not only the way I approach business, but how my companies operate.”

Carrick Young headshot
Carrick Young
Out of State Investor + CRE Broker

“"Whale Club has given me incredible value, very quickly.
I can't believe I didn't discover it sooner!"

Photo of Wayne Garab
Wayne Garab
CEO of We are Home Buyers

“The Whale Club is an organization of kindred spirits sharing ideas and resources to help each of us create a life truly worth living."

Photograph headshot of Peter Leider
Peter Leider
Commercial Real Estate Associate Broker at Keller Williams

“Whale Club is all based around clearly articulating what that Solvable Problem™ is and then working inside of the framework in which Paul created to begin to solve it. We all have a Solvable Problem™; we're all trying to get closer to something.”

Rhen Bartlett Headshot
Rhen Bartlett
8-Figure Wholesaling Coach

“Whale Club attracts such genuine individuals and allows us to collaborate with a shared language, not even for our own benefit, but just to share and provide insight for each other.”

Anne Amagrande
CEO at My Home My Path
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Anne Amagrande headshot
Certainty for Real Estate Investors

“Whale Club has helped me clarify what my own game; my short-term goals, my long-term financial goals, work-life balance, family goals. It’s really given me tools and a systematic approach for evaluating new opportunities, ideas, partnerships, and business ventures.”

Tim McGarvey
Co-Founder @ VentureStack
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Tim McGarvey headshot

“Paul and Steve have done a phenomenal job of putting together a group of high performing Real Estate Investors and business owners to talk about the daily problems that we're all facing in our business and how to get better. We're not only learning the same frameworks and the tools to solve these problems, but we're also all speaking the same language.”

Mike Jones
President of Elite Cash Buyers
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Mike Jones headshot

“To anyone considering joining Whale Club, I would offer this advice: Whale Club is for those who are sick of doing the same thing in their life and business and aren’t getting what they want."

Brea Burger
REI for FI
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Brea Burger headshot

“What I learned in the whale club has been business and life-changing.”

Mike Stansbury
CEO of MemFixerUpper
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Mike Stansbury headshot
Whale Club Logo in full color

We are the Whale Club

A team of real estate professionals to help people like you (if you qualify) gain access to exclusive frameworks and principles to grow your business and design your best life.

We bring focused training and discussions on topics and challenges to help you gain clarity about what you’re trying to accomplish, the most efficient path forward and certainty that you get there. Plus, you’ll have proximity and access to like-minded individuals and our partners.

We enroll a maximum of ten whales and future whales a month.
Are you next?

Whale Club members at the event
Whale Club members at the event
Whale Club members at the event
Whale Club members at the event


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Certainty Talks Podcast is a show about the system for getting clarity on your goals, certainty on how you're going to reach them, and wealthy on your terms by rigging the game in your favor.

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Best selling book by Dan Nicholson, Rigging the Game, teaches you the how to achieve financial certainty, navigate risk, and make money on your terms.

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In a world inundated with information, sifting through the noise to find what truly matters can be overwhelming. Certainty News was born out of a need for clarity, transparency, and most importantly, certainty. Our aim isn’t just to inform, but to report on the things that bring you closer to what you want.

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Meet the Whale Club team

Paul Sparks headshot
Paul Sparks
Founder & CEO
Steve Trang headshot
Steve Trang
Dan Nicholson headshot
Dan Nicholson
Creator of Certainty OS